Javnika Raval

Javnika Couture Boutique was born in the beginning of 2021 all thanks to one woman’s zest to create with passion and love. It all began because of a genuine love and a natural eye and talent for moulding beautiful cotton and silk fabrics to create unique designs and play with colors and motifs. As we begin to live and thrive in this new normal way of life, this opportunity served as a fulfilling and satisfying outlet. The founder of Javnika Couture, Javnika Raval is a wife, mother of two, daughter and sister. Javnika has successfully run a beauty salon in her early twenties. Further, she has demonstrated commitment to using her creativity throughout her life as she designed beautiful bungalows and villas in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Now, she is fully committing her focus to growing Javnika Couture after the incredible response and love from customers, friends, and family. Encouraged by her daughter’s conviction to share her talent on a global scale, Javnika decided it was time to begin a new chapter in her life and follow her own excitement and immerse herself into designing matching outfits for mothers and daughters.

Javnika is a true example of a mother and wife, balancing her passion to create, all the while supporting her husband and children, proving that it is possible for women to do it all. Javnika Couture has been a dream come true for Javnika and she could never imagine life without all of the loyal parents & children that have grown to adore the company. There is heartfelt gratitude and joy for all of you as creating is a passion that she will forever embrace in herself and all children.

Javnika Couture is committed to providing unique designs and motifs, excellent quality of fabrics with a blueprint in sophistication combined with fun adorable styles, and an above satisfactory customer service. Every single item found on our site is carefully examined before shipment to ensure your purchase is loved by both the child and the parent. Javnika Couture truly understands a mother’s love and we take all appropriate actions to measure up to that specific love. Thank you to all of the loyal and loving Javnika Couture customers!

I am blessed and inspired by the community of Javnika Couture we have met along the way. I am grateful that mothers have chosen Javnika Couture to be a part of your child’s memorable years of growing up. A little dream can become reality with commitment, hard work and family.


With Gratitude and Love,

Javnika Raval

Owner Javnika Couture